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Rope & Chronic Pain

workshop series

This series of virtual workshops is to empower those of us in chronic pain to develop rope bondage practices that are creative, accessible, safe and nourishing. Facilitated by myself, a disabled rope switch in chronic pain, the series is hosted by Karada House.


Workshops in this series are ongoing. If you'd like to share your desires and needs for this workshop, please follow the link below. Each survey submission is taken into consideration!

August 2021 + available on-demand

This introduction workshop is great for folx who have stayed away from ropes because of their pain; for folx who have played in ropes but want to dive deeper; and for allies to people in pain. It's an overview of safety, creativity, adaptations, props, trips and tricks. An on-demand version of this session is available in my shop starting at 15$ CAD.

december 2022

"In this 2 hour workshop, Almond will demonstrate and teach you how to do various self-ties and partnered ties on the floor or in bed. While switching roles with her partner, you’ll get a taste of how to take care of your chronically painful body in a variety of situations and ties. Let’s focus on listening to chronic pain and incorporating pain management into tying (rope topping), being tied (rope bottoming), and self-tying. Grab your heating pad and join us to tie along, or watch from your most comfortable position! You and your pain are welcome here."

February 23rd 2022

People living with chronic pain & disability deserve to feel safe(r) & welcome in rope communities.

For this to be more common, we need to actively remove ableism from our rope practices. This session is for people who are NOT in chronic pain who want to be better allies to folx in pain within rope. (Although you are most welcome if you ARE in pain!)You’ll learn to tie & be tied by disabled & chronically painful folx in ways that are supportive, affirming, and safe(r). Through discussions, demonstrations, practical exercises, and take-home guides, you’ll learn how to make your rope practice more accessible. Topics will include approaches to adaptive tying, unique safety considerations, props & tools, strategies for communication & examples of ableism in rope practice.

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#4: Rope As Physiotherapy


#5: Full & Partial Suspensions 


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