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Handcrafted with the upmost care, this oil lubricant is a lushious addition to your solo and partnered dates. A deep infusion of Damiana, Rose, Mugwort, Calendula, Violet and Cedar in Olive & Jojoba oil - this lube is great for genital massage, fingering & toy play. Each with their own erotic archetypes, these plants come alive through their physical & spiritual properties. *Please read safety information below to decide if this lube is for you!

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This lush guided video&audio ritual is designed to help you connect more deeply to your sexuality. Each plant infused into the lubricant has unique ways of supporting your sexuality - and this guided ritual will help you experience this transformation. This hour-long guided-ritual is well-suited for both masturbation and partered play. Enjoy the scents and sensations of the lube while exploring their lessons and wisdoms.

Lube & Ritual
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I dreamed up this recipe on a warm autumn day while sitting in the garden. I was thinking about fellow queer folx who want more access to nature but for whom the city is the safest place. I was thinking of those you who want more depth and sensuality in your sexual experiences but aren't sure where to start. My heart was with fellow traumatized folx who have a deep need for nervous system regulation during intimacy. I was thinking about those of you who want to align with the ethics of your lube. And, of course, I was thinking about those of you who are as enthused as I am about the magic of plants

This lube & ritual experience is for you - is for us!

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This lube & ritual experience can bring you into deeper connection with your body. It can offer you new depths of erotic experiences. It can bring you closer to nature (even from within your city apartment).
It will teach you about safety. It will guide you to trauma-informed intimacy. And of course, it will offer you magic.


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Please note that these plant descriptions and this product are for educational and experiential purposes only. Nothing on this website or in this product is meant to diagnose, treat or heal medically or therapeutically. 

Why Herbal Lube?
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As a sex educator, I frequently meet folx who feel dissatisfied with their sexual lives. What I often hear is a desire for more sensuality, a need for more value-aligned sex and a need for nervous-system regulated safety. Sexual dissatisfaction can be overwhelming (I've been there!) but it doesn't need to be permanent. This is the starting place from which I started conceptualizing Plants+Pleasure.

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I want more sensuality in my sexual experiences.

Sensuality is the awakening of your senses. By tending to each sense you have acces to, you can create deeply transformative sexual experiences that call your whole self into deep connection - with yourself and/or others. Plants+Pleasure offers you an awakening of your sense of touch through lubrication and hydration. It invites your sense of smell through it's earthy scent with overtones of Rose. It's hypnotizing bright green colour tantilizes your sense of sight. And the plants messages ask your sense of listening to expand.


I want to feel confident in the ethics of the products I use.

It's truly difficult to find products with which our values align while living under capitalism. The ingredients in Plants+Pleasure are listed and described so that you can feel confident in the purchase you're making. Each plant and oil has either been garden-grown, harvested ethically or sourced from trusted suppliers. Although it isn't perfect (I do not know, for example, where the glass for the dropper bottles was sourced.), it's my most heart-full effort to create a lubricant that is ethically created. Please feel welcome to contact me with any questions you have about the ethics of this product.


I need to my nervous system to feel safe during sex.

For so many of us, sex and sexuality are closely woven with our trauma and nervous system disregulation. It's so important that we feel safe in our sexual encounters. Sometimes, even when all the circumstances are safe, our nervous systems need extra support. Plants & the natural world are documented allies to the nervous system. Inviting these gentle and caring plant spirits into your sexuality may offer you a new entry point to safety and regulation. The accompanying ritual will guide you through finding inner safety.

Is This For Me?
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Plants+Pleasure is perfect for you...

  • if you desire to enhance your solo and partnered play

  • if you want to treat yourself to a fancy date 

  • if you want to explore your connection to plants through eroticism 

  • if you’re a being who values natural, ethical products

  • if you’re a person who likes being guided through erotic experiences (wink to my fellow bottoms)

  • if you’re a herbalist enthusiasts who wants a sexy experience

  • if you’re disatisfied with the lube options you have been using 

Plants+Pleasure is NOT for you...

  • if you're pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive (please see safety notes)

  • if you're looking for a lubricant that is compatible with latex condoms & toys (see full safety notes below)

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When you purchase Plants+Pleasure, you'll receive a package in the mail that includes a bottle of lubricant and a card. Store your lubricant in a cool dark place and keep the card nearby, it has your link to the guided ritual. Once you receive your package, plan yourself a date! Solo or partnered, put it in your calendar. When you're ready, open the package and follow the link on the card. Turn on the guided ritual video, prepare your space and then follow along! Enjoy the lube's sensation on your skin and the wisdom of the plants in your soul.

How Does This Work?
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  1. Oil-based lube shouldn't be used with latex condoms, polysioprene condoms, latex diaphrams and latex sex toys.

  2. Mugwort and Damiana are not safe for pregnant people - and are not advised for people who are trying to conceive and people who are breastfeeding. Research of this involves internal use of these plants - but to be safe, I recommend you do not use this product if you are in one of these categories. If this applies to you, you're welcome to contact Almond for more information. 

  3. If you have allergies or sensitivities to plants & oils, please contact Almond to discuss the safety of this product for you.

  4. Discontinue use if you experience irritations. Listen to your body.

  5. I am not a licensed physical and mental health professional. I am a sex educator and a folk herbalist. This product is intended for leisure, education and introspection. It is not intended for diagnosis nor treatment of any medical ailments.

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  1. Use within 12 moon cycles and keep in a cool dark place.

  2. Protect your sheets and surfaces from oil stains by laying down a towel.

  3. Everyone's lubricant needs are different. In my opinion, this lubricant is best suited for genital massage, fingering & toy play. If you're seeking something long-lasting for penetrative sex, I recommend using glycerine or water-based.

  4. Visit the shop for information on pricing, accessibility, shipping & refunds.

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