sexual education

sex education is a gift to
ourselves and everyone around us


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Below is a list of everything I love teaching.

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This portion of my work is about teaching - through instruction, conversation & doing. The main focus of these sessions is learning. If you're looking for a session with sexual focus, please visit erotic guidance.

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One of my core values is economic accessibility.
Therefore, my pricing is PWYC & dependent on your socio-political identity.

My 1-1 rate for sexual education is:

When deciding how much you will pay me, please consider:

About me:
-I've been in this field for 2 years.
-For every hour of 1-1 instruction, I usually prepare for 2-3 hours.
-I'm currently an underemployed SWer
with physical disabilities &CPTSD. 

About you:
-the privilege or lack of privilege with which you operate in the world
-the currency, regularity & rate of your income
-anyone who depends on you financially
-what feels accessible to you

*Please note that my rate increases if the session includes physical sexual touch.