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Warm Hello,

My name is Almond (she/her).

I'm a sexuality educator with a focus on embodiement, pleasure and agency. My work prioritizes the experiences of folx in chronic pain, disabled folx and traumatized folx. 

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I stand with:

Sex Workers, Street-Based Workers, Survival Workers, FSSWorkers, Ethical Pornographers, Pro-Dommes, Strippers, Pole Dancers, Phone Operators, Cammers
& all other folx monetizing their sexual talents. Decriminalization is necessary.

Disabled Folx, Folx in Chronic Pain, Disability Justice,
Free Health Care, Transparent Accessibility.

Fat Folx, Fat Liberation.

Indigenous Folx, Black Folx, People of Colour, Immigrants.

Queer Folx, Non-Binary Folx, Trans Folx, Asexual Folx, Women.

Free Housing, Free Health Care, Prison Abolition, Harm Reduction.

Nature, Earth, Plants, Animals, Beings.


Here is a list of my training:


Somatic Sexual Education Certification 



Sexing the Fat Body - SAR by Bianca Laureano & Sonalee Rashatwar

Plant Spirit Medicine Mentorship - Julie Gaia

Celeasta Natura 

Boss Witch - by Pussy Witch 

Erotic Dominance Training - by  Elemental Eros

Yoni, Lingam & Prostate Massage Course - by Beducated 

SOVEREIGN: Feminine Leadership Training & Graduate Program - by Elemental Eros 

Online Grief Literacy™ Training: Level 1 - by Being Here, Human

Reiki Level 1

BA in Sociology 

BFA in Integrated Media (Fine Arts)



Cosmic Daddy Issues - Xris and Pip

Herbal Care for Survivors of Sexual Violence - Catherine Feliz

Fuck the Pain Away - Caz Killjoy

Indigenizing BDSM - Sir Wambot 

Discovering your Erotic Core - by Caritia, Karada House

Kink & Trauma - by Emma Steel

Communication Skills for SWers - by Cameryn Moore 

Sex Magic Rituals - by Dion de Rossi 

Spank Therapy - by Ze Royale 

Polyamory for Empaths - by Melissa Tofton

Trauma Informed Polyamory - by Clementine Morrigan 

Squirting from a Queer-Materialist Perspective by Stella Rutkat

The Dark Masculine - by Celeste Pomegranate 

Queer Rope UnConference - by Karada House  

Playing with Breath - by Caritia, Karada House 

Awakening Your Sexual Potential: Tantra Orgasms for Men & Women - by

Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sex, Work & Disability (panel) - PorYes

Queering Sex Ed (panel) - Queering Sex Ed

Trauma-Informed Consensual Touch - by Caitlin K. Roberts

Playground Conference 2018

Suicide intervention for weirdos, freaks and queers - by Carly Boyce 

Mapping the Mind with Mushrooms Conference 2018

Jade Egg Exploration and Sexual Empowerement Playshop - by Amrita O’Hara

Self Care in Consensual Non-Monogamy - by Love Plus +

Remix, Open Floor - by Mayero Bouman

A Room of Our Own, Writting Grief - by Being Here, Human

Explore More Summit 2020


I have a big fuck yes for radical softness, swampy transformation & truth.

Things that are not welcome during my sessions are: whorephobia, disablism, fatphobia,  sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, classicism, or any other discrimination. 

I foster a space for self-responsibility - where we both are

responsible for our wellbeing - while also acknowledging the power structures between us.

If you're a cis-man - I especially expect you to be accountable to your privileges.

I want to be accountable to you.

I ask that you call me in, as much as possible, and use my anonymous feedback forms if desired.


As much as I would love to be, I am not perfect. I sometimes make mistakes. If I cause any form of harm in this workshop, I am willing and happy to hold space and take accountability. You're welcome to reach me through any of the methods below. 


Anonymous Feedback Form

Accountability Pal: coming soon 

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